Donal O’Connell

I have always been enthralled with capturing images, owning my first camera at age 15.
I have had a passion for photography ever since, buying my first SLR with a loan from my then boss, and doing my first wedding for a friend with it.(terrifying)
While I have focused on all aspects of photography,  LandscapeSeascape has always been my passion, my get away from it all.
Sitting there waiting for a scene to evolve (or not – as often happens) is where I am happiest.
Some days the results are incredible –  other days are disappointing.  However, It is the anticipation and then satisfaction of capturing all the elements coming together that keeps me going back.
But I have found no matter how much you plan,  Mother Nature has her own ideas and can destroy all the best laid plans in a single moment.
But on the flip side, She can also create magic out of a seemingly dull day.
The other wonderful aspect of Photography today is that Photographer has full control from start to finish and presenting of the print.
I have won a number of awards over the years, including the top award (Diamond) from the Irish Professional Photography Association (IPPVA)  for Landscape Photography.

My goal is to capture impressive seascapes and moody sunsets and endeavour  to portray Mother Nature at her finest.